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Straight out of Tampa, Florida comes this Talented Rapper with her hits -Case Closed -Hypnotized she has become a fan favorite. Showing signs of a great future, the music industry is taking notice. She will be making her Album Debut in 2018

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 NSE_JP one of Michigan's prolific Rappers who continues to

produce hit after hit with tracks such as:

-Gold Chain  -Roll Up  -Where Do We Go  -Translator

As CEO of Swerve Life Entertainment he embodies the true nature of the #HustleAndGrind. Stay tuned for more hits and major #BossMoves

The artist know as W.A.Y.N.E aka WizzyWayne is a Louisville, KY based artist that is quickly emerging on the rap scene,  his music can be described as a mixture of Hip Hop/Rap with hard hitting beats and a smooth lyrical content. He describes is his music as mixture of motivational, truthful and thought provoking .

Stay tunes for updates on upcoming tours and events

Click on this link to experience W.A.Y.N.E